Have you ever volunteered, attended a conference, completed a course, met an inspiring scientist, read a good book, took a great picture or saw a great movie that you would like to share with other people?

Networking drives science and research.

Curiosity, determination, often stubbornness adds to scientific motivation.


Here is your opportunity to give publishing a go without the hassle of paying for getting published, selling copyrights of your articles, marketing, advertising, data protection laws and all the other ‘legal stuff’.

Even if you are shy and do not quite know if your style and experience is ‘publishable’ please do get in touch, I am really happy to give friendly ideas and I can almost guarantee that you will be proud when your name and work is published and read by others. (Not to mention showing off in front of your family, friends, teachers and at the job interview.)

Here is a list of documents that Juniper wrote how to get you motivated and what is the 'bigger picture' of publishing.

This magazine is for EVERYONE - for students who have never published, for Photography and Design students, for English students who would like to write about nature, for accomplished scientist who have a message to students, anyone. It just has to be about science, nature or sustainability. 

Juniper for
questions or feedback!

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